Friday, 15 February 2013

TERRORIZER mag April 2009

Hi there! As I promised you last week, we meet again this time for a new entry. Well, nothing much actually, just wanna share my old magazines collections. Actually I can update up to five entries like this in a row, but i dont want to, besides i have my own reasons, i also want to keep my source, so every weeks i can update my new entry. Hope you got what i try to say here, sometimes its a bit hard to describe something's in a language that you rarely used, but at least i'll try:) so this entry is like the tittle up there saying, it's TERRORIZER number 182 which have been out on april 2009, so it's more or less four years this mag stay in my collections. This one is the oldest TERRORIZER mag that i still have, most of the old (and new) issue either i give it's away to some friends, or i happen to sold it's. If I'm not mistaken, the first TERRORIZER mag that i bought is the one that got old FEAR FACTORY doing zebra crossing a-la The Beatles on cover. I bought it when the first time i went to Kuala Lumpur for an interview with ALAM, if you wonder, i got the place in ALAM, but because some financial problem i didn't go with them, i means i didn't continued my course with them. But thats another story, for another times, i guess.

As you can see, this issue got the band Mastodon on the cover. I'm not really a big fans of Mastodon, and you can say the big reason i bought this issue is because they make this "Swedish Death Metal" sort of special issue. At that time, im really into Swedish scene, whatever bands come out of Sweden, i'm ate it up. But not anymore, i means, i still into this Swedish Metal Scene but i also start opening my ears to the bands from other regions. Cause i think it's kinda stupid just to judges bands or persons just from where they are from. I believe in every fifty bands from Sweden (or anywhere else) there must be at least one shitty band. Well, I'm not write this to talk shit about any bands from Sweden, not at all, Swedish bands will always have a special place on my humble heart.

So, i also start thinking to myself, am i wrote about my mag collections, or about Swedish scene now? Okay, enough of it's, go see some pictures down there. Hope you like this week's post, if you not, nevermind, it's not a big issue at all. About the language that i'm using this time, i try to write something in my broken English, and if it's sucks for most of you, at least I tried. And it's really rare that I'm using English language in my everyday life. So see you next weeks, and take care.

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