Friday, 5 July 2013


Okay, the following writing also taken from MRR #348, so enjoy reading.

On 11th February 2012, ones of my favourite bands called it quits because of a situation forced by bassit Jos suffering permanent ear damage and having to quit, or face losing his hearing completely.
Bands come, bands go. It's what has kept punk fresh, exiting and relevant through all these years. Still, there are always those you wish would go on forever, and Seein Red was very much that band. In mine, Seein Red are the most important band to emerge from The Netherlands. As far as I am corcerned, it's impossible to communicate or overstate their importance over the past 20 years. Their bassist Jos might have been the only official teacher in their line-up, but the three of them together provided most of my generations with more of a real education than any school ever did.
The fact they actually had something to say, talked between their songs, challenged bullshit where they saw it, inspired us.... but in true punk tradition. Three nice guys fucking lifers devoid of any of the attitude that too often comes with those who have been around for a while and think their age or the groups they have been in or have seen makes them more important.
Jos, Paul and Olav were always happy to play first on any bill, share equipment and most importantly makes the next generation of punk feel welcome and support their activities. If you're ever looking for a group that embodied the fabled "network of friends" spirit, look no further.
Distortion 'till fuckin deafness... just don't forget those earplugs! (1989-2012)

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